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zaterdag, augustus 16, 2008

Pasquasy wins day 1

Driedaagse van Vlaanderen 2008 

Fabien Pasquasy (HOC) was the fastest runner in the BEL Ranking event in Geel Bel, during day 1 of the Flanders 3 days. Not very satisfied with his performance in this middle distance competition (map), with two one minute mistakes, he still had a 3 minute lead to follow-up Jeroen Hoekx (hamok). In third place, we find Desmond Franssen (Trol), 5 minutes behind on Pasquasy.

Pasquasy, however, is not a contestant for the overall victory in the three days event, as he only participated in this BEL Ranking event. This puts Thomas van der Kleij  (hamok) in third place in the overall standings after day one.

6 days of France fourth place Greet Oeyen (hamok) won the women's class. She was 36 seconds faster than her clubmate Sofie Herremans. 4 minutes behind, Severine Vandermeulen (CO Liège) took the third place.


  • At 18/8/08 10:25, Anonymous Pasquasy said…

    Just to mention that :

    My performance was ok but not the map. There are some distorsion and colour vegetation mistakes in East part of the map. These mistakes were detected too in 2006. The map was not corrected and not drawned - as mentioned in "this 2008 edition" - by Bohdan Stramyk (wrong information ???!!!).

    Entry fees was 12 euros and maybe the print quality could better (impossible to see that control 14 was in light green - it looks white on the map)

    I don't blame anybody because it was fun anyway with a lot of controls...



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