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zondag, mei 06, 2007

NOC LONG comments

I just ran the Long race... and now almost on the boat to Ystad.
It was again a nice course setting and the runners will remember Bornholm as a nice place to have a training camp in the future maybe.

This forest used to be the hunting place for the kings whereas the other forests were forests of the public. This explains why the map of the middle distance has about 50 owners. Unfortunately 1 of them doesn't like orienteering that much and therefor the course had to be adapted to go around this area.

Today the forest was even faster than the days before, and although I can't see the results online now I expect the first to have a time of 80 minutes, which is 5 minutes under the estimated winning time. Orienteering was rather easy today although you had to be careful in the green areas. Control 2-5.

When I left I expect it to be close between David andersson and Matthias Merz.
In women class it was again Simone Niggli who won just half a minute before Minna Kauppi. Lena Eliasson took the bronze medal.


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