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zondag, maart 15, 2015

Belgian night champs 2015: Oeyen and Anciaux

Last night the first national championships of 2015 took place in Koersel. The first fight for a Belgian title took place during the night. In women's class Greet Oeyen was too strong for Miek Fabre and Anna Serrallonga. In men's class Benjamin Anciaux took his first national title ever.

Greet Oeyen wasn't really satisfied about her race when she crossed the finishline. But also her opponents didn't succeed to avoid mistakes. The map (which had some missing and some extra paths) didn't make it easy to do a perfect technical performance. Anyway, in the end Oeyen was 1 minute faster than Miek Fabre and 2 minutes faster than Anna Serrallonga. After the Flemish night champs last week, it was the 2nd victory in a row for Greet Oeyen.

Anna Serrallonga finishing in 3rd position (photo: A. Simkens)

Miek Fabre - Greet Oeyen - Anna Serrallonga (photo: E. Houben)

In class H21E Benjamin Anciaux had an impressive race last night. He succeeded to have both the highest running speed and to avoid big mistakes. Finally he won the race ahead of his training mate Olle Karner. Both athletes had spent last week together at Lipica Open (where Karner made a good impression during the 4th stage). But finally it was Anciaux who had the best recuperation and won the national champs 2 minutes ahead of Karner and Thomas van der Kleij.

Benjamin Anciaux - Thomas van der Kleij (Photo: E. Houben)

In 2 weeks the next championships will already take place. Trol will organise the Belgian relay champs in Kasterlee. We can expect some interesting fights for the victory both in men's and women's elite classes.

Map H21E (routechoices D. Franssen)
3Drerun H21E


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