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maandag, september 13, 2010

Swiss elites runners perform excellently at Jungfrau Marathon

Last weekend, 4027 runners took part in the 18th edition of the Jungfrau Marathon, proudly called the most beautifull marathon course in the world. And indeed, all who have been before at the "Kleine Scheidegg" at the foot of the prominent Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau will confirm the exceptional beauty of this region. Hence, it must not be surprising that the demand for the only 4000 start positions is overwhelming and many candidates have to be disappointed each year.

More than 1600 height meters have to be overwon. Knowing that the first 25 km until Lauterbrunnen are almost flat, you have to balance your efforts carefully! After 25 km, the route goes steeply up to Wengen, a famous ski resort, and continues up to the foot of the Eiger glacier (2205 m). The last few hundred meters go back down to the ski and hiking station Kleine Scheidegg (2100 m).

Two Swiss elite runners did an excellent performance in the race. Both Marc Lauenstein and Simone Niggli-Luder finished in 2nd position in their category. Marc needed 3h03'01", 6'18" more than five fold mountain run world champion Marco de Gasperi. Halfway he was only positioned 14th, but in an impressive second part he could catch up everybody except Marco. Swiss public favorite Simone was in third position after 37.9 km (2'36" after the leader), and chasing in the last 5 km, she could move up to the second position and finished only 44" after the hungarian winner Simona Staicu in a final time of 3h34'29".

Readers longing for taking part themselves (e.g. participants of the belgian championship mountain running...) can already register here. Act quickly, the start tickets are quickly sold out!

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