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donderdag, juli 02, 2009

Belgian EYOC, JWOC and WOC news

The summervacation in Belgium started a few days ago, so a lot of local orienteers made plans to run some international o-competitions. Most of the Belgian non-junior athletes will run the 3 days of Belgium next weekend. In men's elite class 33 runners have registered, among them the best Belgian runners and some foreigners. In D21E 11 runners will take part at this nice event.

One week later, a lot of Belgian (elite) runners will move to France (Fontaineblau) to participate at the 3 days of France (entry list).
But the program of our national junnior runners look different:

EYOC 2009:
The junior runners, who didn't make the jwoc-team, are already in Serbia now. Today the model event takes place and tomorrow the real competition will start with a long distance race.

Sien Verdeyen: representing Belgium @ EYOC (photo: - Jochen Verdeyen)

The Belgian Eyoc-team:
- H18: Thomas Bredo, Toon Melis, Yannick Michiels, Bruno Parmentier
- D18: Suzanne Brodel, Sien Verdeyen
- H16: Julien Gillet, Kristof Van Bouwel
- D16: Fanny Tilkin

The strongest opponents are all in Italy, because of JWOC and also some strong countries are absent. So we can hope for nice results from the Belgian runners; specially Yannick Michiels is in good shape at this moment.

Website EYOC
Entry list EYOC

JWOC 2009:
The main goal of all junior runners this season, should be the junior world championships, which will take place in Italy this year. In the rocky mountains 8 runners will represent Belgium and will try to run some A-finals. Specially Wouter Leeuws and Elisabeth Henkes proved in the past that they are ready for some nice international results. In 4 days (Juyly 6th) the competition will begin with a sprint distance in a little village (Mezzano). Long distance, middle distance and relay will also take place the next days.

Wouter Leeuws: ready for topresults @ JWOC (photo: - Jochen Vedeyen)

A lot of countries are already in Italy now, they participate at the official trainingscamp and they also wait for the arrivals from our Belgian stars:
H20: Wouter Leeuws, Gilles Deneyer, Jeremy Genar, Benjamin Hofmans, Nicolas Ludovicy and Michael Van Baelen
D20: Margot Vandemeulebroeck and Elisabeth Henkes

Website JWOC

WOC 2009:
In august, the best Belgian elite runners will run the World champs in Hungary. Also about the team we can announce some news. The decissions about the different disciplines have been made:

Fabien Pasquasy: Long + Middle + *
Thomas van der Kleij: Long + Middle + *
Pieter Hendrickx: Long + Sprint
Jeroen Hoekx: Middle + Sprint

*One runner is allowed to run 3 distances, so Fabien or Thomas will also run sprint distance. But this decission isn't made already. Also the relay team will be made after the individual races in Hungary.

Greet Oeyen: Long + Middle + Sprint
Vinciane Mulpas: Long +Middle + Sprint

Website WOC


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