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donderdag, mei 07, 2009

Alpe Adria Cup 2009

Last (long) weekend the Alpe Adria Cup took place in Germany (Regensburg). The weather was beautifull and also the competitions, terreains and maps were excellent. Nothing to complain about.

Relay 'Rauberhöhle':
On friday (01/05) a relay competition took place. In mens class 36 teams were present and team Steiermark (Schachner Sandro, Schgaguler Klaus, Müller Matthias) took the victory. David Schneider (who finished in 2nd position) ran the strongest legtime. The Belgian team Trol (Winston Franssen, Frank Buytaert and Desmond Franssen) finished in 10th position, but the last runner forgot 1 control, so they were disqualified.
In womens class the Suisse team 'NWK NOS + Friends' (Fässler Mirjam, Dörig Franziska, Feer Isabelle) took the victory more than 5 minutes ahead of the Polish junior team.

Mass start video
Map (David Schneider)
Results (Mens class)

Middle 'Rocks paradise':
Rocks paradise, a perfect name for the map. This race (a world ranking event) was for sure the most interesting and challenging from the whole weekend. In class H21E 95 runners participated in this race. In the end Klaus Schgaguler took the victory ahead of David Schneider (2nd) and Gernot Kerschbaumer (3rd). The results from the Belgian runners: Desmond Franssen 23th, Winston Franssen 34th and Frank Buytaert 47th.
In womens class Christine Kirchlechner won the race. She was faster than Lea Muller (2nd) and Sabrina Meister (3rd).

Map (Emiliano Corona)

(Torben Wendler and Michele Franco (teammate from Alessio Tenani) at the spectatorscontrol)

Night sprint 'Regensburg city':
On saturday 2 competitions took place, in the evening most of the runners were present for the night sprint in the city. It was a very sunny day and in the evening it was still hot outside. So a lot of (drunk) people were walking around in the city. You had to 'slalom' between the many people, comparable with the city race in Venetia.
The results in H21E (64 runners): 1st David Schneider, 2nd Sören Riechers and 3rd Alessio Tenani. Belgian runners: 17th Frank Buytaert, 18th Desmond Franssen and 28th Winston Franssen.
In womens class Monika Depta took the victory. The young Polish junior runner Daria Lajn became 2nd and Gunda Fischer 3rd.

Map (Alessio Tenani)

Long distance 'Nittendorf':
The facts for the H21E class: 13.5km with 800m climbing! Technically the race (again a WRE) was rather easy, it was more a physical battle: whole the time up and down.
Ofcourse David Schneider took the victory. He was even 6 minutes faster than Klaus Schgaguler (2nd) and Gernot Kerschbaumer (3rd). Desmond Franssen became 30th and Frank Buytaert (totally out of energy at the end) 52th. Winston Franssen didn't finish the race (like many other runners). He stopped at the spectatorscontrol, only 15' before the end.
In class D21E Monika Depta dominated the race. The suisse girl Isabelle Feer became 2nd and Eva Makra from Hungary 3rd.

Map (Matthias Muller)

Total Results:
1. Schneider David 2:17:08
2. Kerschbaumer Gernot 2:25:11
3. Müller Matthias 2:26:49
13. Franssen Desmond 3:04:28
27. Buytaert Frank 4:01:06
DSQ. Winston Franssen

1. Depta Monika 2:04:04
2. Feer Isabelle 2:06:18
3. Meister Sabrina 2:14:09

In class H10 Sverre Buytaert took 4 medals. He won the night sprint and the overall ranking. In middle and long distance, he took the 3rd place.

All results

Tipo Cup Hungary:
In Hungary two other runners represented Belgian (Trol) in H21E. Ken Peeters became 3rd in the total ranking and Tomas Henriksson 7th.
On saturday a long distance WRE took place, won by Marcus Millegard from Sweden. Ken Peeters became 14th and Tomas Henriksson 21th.
Frans Laenen became 2nd (H45), Luc Melis 4th (H45), Marc Meeussen 6th (H45), Kristof van Bouwel 6th (H16), Wim Vervoort 5th (H40), Marc Leers 13th (H50), Paul Bolssens dsq (H50), Jos Thijs 3rd (H60), Lyli-Anne Cole 7th (D50) and Lucia Turcanu 9th (DB).

Map Tipo Cup (David Andersson)


  • At 7/5/09 10:50, Blogger Torbens Funk said…

    hei desmond, i see that you made some nice pictures, is it possible to get the two pictures of me? and would it be possible to use them on mye website aswell and so on? i will than name you as the one who took the picture.

  • At 7/5/09 16:51, Blogger An said…

    ALs dat op die foto Alessio Tenani is dan ben ik Simone Luder :)

  • At 7/5/09 17:22, Anonymous Desmond said…

    Ahja, vergeten dat er een experte in 'Italiaans schoon' onze website controleerde. Speciaal voor u is het aangepast ze.

    Maar bij uw vergelijking heb ik wel m'n bedenkingen. Het verschil op 6km tussen Franco en Tenani was 23sec. Ik vrees voor u dat een duel Luder versus Frederickx een iets groter verschil zou opleveren ;-).

  • At 7/5/09 17:24, Blogger An said…

    hahaha! no comment, op nikske! :))


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