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zaterdag, mei 30, 2009

Across the border

Last weekend (21-24/05) and next weekend (30/05-01/06) most people in Belgium had a long weekend. It was a nice opportunity to run and orienteer in other countries. An overview:

24h o-race in Thüringen:
The previous weekend, a 24h relay (each team exists out of 6 runners) took place in Germany. Two Belgian teams were present: Botrham 1 and Botrham 2. The runners are orginally from 3 different Belgian teams: Borasca, Trol and Ham ok.
In total 38 maps had to be completed and 6 teams succeeded doing that. The winners (UBOL Blerim) finished after 22h17'. Botrham 1 (Jan Oeyen, Desmond Franssen, Sam Deferm, Wim Vervoort, Greet Oeyen and Vanessa Bolsens) performed strong and finished in 10th position.
Botrham 2 (Winston Franssen, Kristof Van Bouwel, Noel Nijsten, Frans Laenen, Natalie Menn and Marijs Vandeweijer) became 30th in the end.


Map 24h race Thüringen (Long difficult day)

Finnish champs ultra long:
Also during the previous weekend, Jeremy Genar and Ken Peeters trained in Finland. It's possible to take a look at Ken's heavy trainingsprogram with Sibbo-Vargarna. The highlight of the weekend was the FC ultra long distance. Ken Peeters was not allowed to participate because he'll run jukola (in 2 weeks) with an other team (Trol).
Jeremy Genar ran H20 and became 16th (3h04). He was 52 minutes slower than winner Olli-Markus Taivainen.
In class H21E Mats Haldin took the victory (2h35'), 7 seconds faster than Esa Huttunen and 2 minutes faster than Pasi Ikonen. Minna Kauppi won D21E.


This weekend the Flemish district champs relay take place in the north of Belgium. But again some runners searched for other options outside Belgium:

Just across the border, in the Netherlands, a multiday event got started. Yesterday the night sprint competition took place and today the athletes will run the 1st day of the 3days competition.

Website Holland-ol

Prinselopet Kongsberg:
4 Trol runners will orienteer in Norway this weekend: Marc Leers (H50), Wim Vervoort (H40), Bram Boeckx (H21) and Ken Peeters (H21). In total 1200 runners will be present at this event.
Today the 1st day took place and it's possible to check the results online. In class H21 a lot of strong runners are present and Jon Duncan gained the victory today. He was faster than Matthias Karlsson (2nd) and Damien Renard (3rd). Ken Peeters finished 42th and Bram Boeckx 48th.
Tomorrow the runners will have a chase start based on today..

Website Prinselopet
Results day 1 H21

Prinselopet Hamar:
The 2 VDK-brothers (Thomas and Jeroen) will represent Hamok and Belgium in an other 3 days competition in Norway. Today they will run a sprint distance and the other 2 days are long distance. They both run in H21E. For Thomas it will be a nice opportunity to prepare for Worldcup races (NOC) next week.

Website Prinselopet Hamar

WOC Trainingscamp:
Also our strongest Belgian runner moved to a foreign country this weekend. Fabien Pasquasy will train in Hungary to prepare for WOC 2009 and also for the world cup (NOC) next week.

Trainingslog Fabien Pasquasy