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woensdag, mei 06, 2009

Belgian JWOC and EYOC teams

The junior team ran selection races in the Jura region last weekend. The following runners will represent Belgium at JWOC:
Elisabeth Henkes, Margot Vandemeulebroek
Gilles Deneyer, Jeremy Genar, Wouter Leeuws, Benjamin Hofmans, Nicolas Ludovicy, Michael Van Baelen

The EYOC team was also chosen by the coaches:
Sien Verdeyen, Susanne Brodel, Evelien Peeters
Yannick Michiels, Bruno Parmentier, Thomas Bredo, Toon Melis

We also want to remind all runners that today's evening competition will have a special sprint course alongside the normal courses. This course will be more challenging technically than the normal short courses. Some elite runners indicated they would be interested in this type of course.