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zondag, november 09, 2008

Triple Jeroen Hoekx

Jeroen Hoekx was outstanding today, he took 3 victories! The hamok-star won the universitary championship, the overall ranking of the 3days de la forêt de Soignes and the day victory. Today (on the map: 'les trois fontaines') he was 8 seconds faster than Michel Bastin (2nd) and more than 2 minutes faster than Nicolas Sillien (3rd). In the women class Miek Fabré won the universitary championship.

Results universitary championship: (partial)
Men: 9,7km:
1. Jeroen Hoekx (KUL) 52'33
2. Quentin de Neyer (UCL) 55'09
3. Ken Peeters (KUL) 55'57

1. Miek Fabré (KUL)
2. Katrien Bruyninckx (KUL)

In the north of Belgium an other competition took place: the 5th Wintercriterium event. (results and splittimes)

Les trois fontaines:
Preliminary results (Men1 and Men2)
Official results
Map (winner, Jeroen Hoekx, routechoices)
Map (Desmond Franssen routechoices: part1 and part2)


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