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dinsdag, november 25, 2008

Teambuilding Belgian national team

Last weekend the Flemish junior and senior runners were present at the first activity of the new season. It wasn't a hard trainingsweekend, but a teambuilding weekend to meet each other and to improve the atmosphere in the team.
On friday evening the athletes fulfilled a GPS expedition with some funny assignments on the way. The 2nd day began with a mountaibike trip and continued in the afternoon with a football match, an athletism training (running drills) and a strength training introduction. In the evening the trainers and runners talked and discussed about the previous and the next season (problems, solutions, selections, the physical testrun, the program, the budget,...). On sunday the last activity took place: an adventure rope route for the ones who weren't afraid of the height.

The defintive Flemish members of the national team 2009:
Junior runners (14):
Women (6): Elisabeth Henkes, Evelien Peeters, Lith Lefranc, Nathalie Limborgs, Nele Put, Sien Verdeyen
Men (8): Adriaan Pelckmans, Frederik Meynen, Jeremy Genar, Jeroen Theys, Michaël Van Baelen, Toon Melis, Wouter Leeuws and Yannick Michiels

Senior elite runners (20):
Women (8): Els Talloen, Greet Oeyen, Kim Geypen, Miek Fabré, Saartje Sallaert, Sofie Herremans, Vanessa Bolsens and Veerle Tulleneers.
Men (12): Bart Delobel, Benjamin Anciaux, Bruno De Lat, Dries van der Kleij, Jeroen Hoekx, Jeroen van der Kleij, Jochen Verdeyen, Joost Talloen, Ken Peeters, Pieter Hendrickx, Thomas van der Kleij and Wannes Hendrickx
The other runners for the national team will be announced by FRSO. At this moment 13 (2 females and 11 male athletes) FRSO junior runners and 8 (1 female and 7 male) FRSO senior elite runners are in the national team (this list isn't definitive). The current situation (last update: 11/11/2008) you can check here:

Pictures (teambuilding)
Report (verslag van de senior coach in het Nederlands)


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