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vrijdag, mei 02, 2008

Sprint test CZ

The Belgian National team had a testrace today in the Czech Republic. Etienne Van Gasse showed his good shape in a very fast race. Kiril Nikolov (Bulgaria) was the fastest yesterday on the same course during Czech Spring 2008 in 12.29. Two Polish runners became 2nd and 3th: Dwojak Wojciech and Wlodarczyk Kamil.

1. Etienne Van Gasse 12.59
2. Fabien Pasquasy 13.03
3. Bart Delobel 13.49
4. Dries van der Kleij 14.26
5. Michel Bastin 14.44

1. Vincianne Mulpas 17.34
2. Séverine Vandermeulen 18.09
3. Greet Oeyen 18.54

On saturday there is a long and on sunday a middle test race.

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