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vrijdag, april 25, 2008

Belgian o-news: junior team - EOC - isf - startlist Middle

Junior team: test run:
On saturday (19/04) a part of the Belgian junior team (the Flemmish runners) tested their current form. The testrun included 2 loops for the girls and 3 loops for the boys. The length of each loop was 2,4km and included 2 climbings. This was the 4th testrun organised for the team. Below you can see an overview of the best results for each runner. On 30/04 the team will travel to sweden for the selectionraces for JWOC. In Göteborg (on the maps Hinsingparken and Gertryggen) they will run a sprint, middle and long distance race.

Male runners: (7200m - 3 loops)
1. Gert Claes 31'28
2. Wouter Leeuws 32'57
3. Yannick Michiels 33'18
4. Jeremy Genar 33'31
5. Frederik Meynen 37'06
6. Adriaan Pelckmans 37'47

Jochen Verdeyen 22'28 (only 2 loops because of his injury)

Female runners: (4800m - 2 loops)
1. Elisabeth Henkes 25'18
2. Miek Fabre 25'30
3. Sien Verdeyen 28'50

The Flemish participators at the selectionraces: Adriaan Pelckmans, Frederik Meynen, Jeremy Genar, Jochen Verdeyen, Wouter Leeuws, Yannick Michiels, Elisabeth Henkes, Miek Fabre and Sien Verdeyen.
The FRSO junior team (but not all of them will run the selection races): Gilles De Neyer, Quentin De Neyer, Benjamin Hofmans, Corentin Lemasson, Nicolas Ludovicy, Quentin Mineur, Nicolas Spiliers, Corentin Tonneau, Felix VandeMeulebroek, Astrid Bastin, Celine Bruylant, Katharina Henkes, Margot Vandemeulebroek and Anne Werding.

All results (with splittimes)
Website junior team
Pictures (trainingscamp Sweden)

National team EOC:
The federation announced that these runners are selected for EOC (without selection races):
Male: Bart Delobel and Fabien Pasquasy
Female: Greet Oeyen, Véronique Bastin and Vinciane Mulpas
(But Greet Oeyen isn't able to participate)

ISF Scotland:
In Edinburgh the world schools orienteering championship takes place. On wednesday they run the long distance race. Kristof Van Bouwel made the best Belgian performance, he ended 6th in the class H2 selected. Below you can find all the results and pictures. Today the middle distance will take place.
Results long distance
Results middle distance (live)

Belgian national event: middle distance:
In Belgium the 3th national event in 2008 will take place this weekend in Bois de la Houssière. In the elite classes (H/D open) a lot of strong runners will participate, like Pasquasy, Van Gasse, Sillien, Bastin, Hoekx, Talloen and van der Kleij in the mens class. In the womens class the favourits are: Aline Hermans, Miek Fabre, Greet Oeyen, Anne-Francoise Hennen, Veronique Bastin, Severine Vandermeulen, and Vinciane Mulpas. The startlist is visible below.

Startlist Middle distance