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maandag, maart 17, 2008

Nationale 2: Hout-Si-Plout

The second national event of the season took place sunday, in Esneux (Liège), on the new, fine map Hout-Si-Plout.

In the men's elite class, Nicolas Sillien (Pégase) won the 11,6km long course with 450m climbing in a time of 1:22:34. 1:17 behind, Michel Bastin (Ardoc) confirmed his good shape and took the second position. The third place went to Ken Peeters (trol). After the first national event, where he finished fourth, he was quoted as being depressed with a fourth place, but now he switched places with the third place runner of last time.

The winner of the first national event, Bart Delobel (Omega), already lost a lot of time on his way to control 1 and finished in 6th position.

With his victory, Sillien also took the lead in the National Regularity, followed by three runners with the same number of points on place 2.

In the category "injured", we can see the return of Fabien Pasquasy, who did only run until control 6 and then went on to control 20 to finish. He was leading the race by the time he skipped those controls. That other injured elite runner, Thomas van der Kleij, is also working on his comeback. Since he returned from injury, he has a 100% win rate. If we take all his results this year into account (where he ran despite his injury), he still has an impressive 75% win rate.

The women's class was won by Aline Hermans in front of Severine Vandermeulen (both CO Liège). Third place, 3:36 behind, we see Véronique Bastin (Ardoc). In this class, the Flemish women seemed to have an off-day.

In the regularity, Hermans is now leading with the maximum of 60 points.

The junior classes were won by Elien Melis (hamok, D-20), Elisabeth Henkes (Omega, D-18), Corentin Tonneau (Olve, H-20) and Wouter Leeuws (Omega, H-18). Leeuws ran the fastest km-time of the day.


  • At 19/3/08 16:12, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    veel blessures dit jaar..
    een lijst van orienteurs gekwetsten dit jaar:

    Fabien Pasquasy: Knie, quadriceps
    Thomas vdK: Psoas spier blessure
    Joost Talloen: knie
    Jeroen vdk: Onderrug,bekken
    Desmond Fransen: knie
    Miek Fabre: knie
    Wouter Foppen: Shin splits
    Etienne Van Gasse: Achilles tendon
    Elien Melis: adducoctoren
    Jochen Verdeyen: hiel/voet
    Wim Peers: knie
    Tom Herremans: Rug: achillespees
    Dries VDK: kuit
    Christophe Bernard: ?

    als je er nog kent mag je er toevoegenI


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