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zondag, februari 24, 2008

Statements - National Event 1

Statements from the press conference:

Bart Delobel (Omega, winner HE)

superb... zoooeeeperrr

Nicolas Sillien (Pégase, 2nd HE)

If a better competitor beats me, I’ll accept that. I will have my revenge next week during the interland.

Jeroen Hoekx (hamok, 3d HE), (6 seconds behind the 2nd place)

Yep, Sillien’s attack was timed perfectly.

I would be absolutely pleased with third place if this was a mere WC event, but here at the First National Event it really hurts.


Ken Peeters (Trol, 4th HE)

I really made an effort; I wanted to win a medal today. I'm pretty depressed now. But: I'll try again next time.

One more beer please... and new shoes!

Yves Briers (KOL, 15th HE)

"Hoekx passed me in the forest today, he was not running fast at all."

"The winner will run a time of 1h"

Elien Melis (hamok, absent)

Error: Permission denied.


Desmond Franssen (Trol, disq HE)

No training for me this week.

Dzjevv Boeckx (KOL, 6th H21)

No training for me this month.

Jeremy Genar (Trol, 3th H18)

No time for comments. My girlfriend is waiting.


One more, by popular demand:


People also wanted photos of Miek Fabré, sorry for that, but we have no unpublished photos left of her that are suitable for publishing.


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