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zaterdag, maart 01, 2008

Interland 2008: night and middle

On ultimate orienteering you could already read a preview about the interland competition, which started yesterday. Runners from Germany (Westfalen), England, the Netherlands and Belgium (Dutch and French speaking) are present.
Yesterday the night training took place. The victory went to the Finnish runner from Vehkalahden Veikot: Jarno Käyhkö. Last year he run in the 1st team from VeVe at tiomila and the became 8th. Yesterday he was 2 minutes faster than the Belgian veteran runner Wim Vervoort and Tomas Henriksson became 3th. The German and English runners were still absent, they arrived one day later.

Today the middle distance training took place on the same map (but an other part). This time the victory went to the Swedish runner from Linköpings: Fredrik Pettersson (photo). Mike Sprot and Nick Barrable (both from England) became 2nd and 3th. Some runners took it easy because tommorow the important long distance race will take place.

The selected runners (from the 5 different teams) will start first and are visible on the startlist. The other participators (like the Scandinavians) will start later on the same courses.


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