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zondag, maart 02, 2008

Interland 2008: long distance

Today (02/03) the Interland took place in the Netherlands on the map Weerterbergen. This is a military terrain with good runnability, some sandtracks and -rides and also some technical areas with small contours. As we mentioned yesterday, the early runners were the ones selected by the teams. Every team selected 3 runners in every class, this was important for the overall ranking between teams. Afterwards the other runners were able to run the same courses.
So in the resultslist you’ll find these 2 competitions separated. We will take a look at the results of the 2 competitions combined. The men elite had to run 10340m and the women elite 7740m.

In the H21E Fredrik Pettersson (nickname Figge and ranked 70th in the swedish ranking) took the victory again. The Linköpings elite runner still made a few mistakes but showed his great running shape. His time was 50’26 and so he came in 2 minutes faster than Nick Barrable from England. The German runner Axel Fisher became 3th, only 5 seconds faster than Mike Sprot.

1. Fredrik Pettersson 50’26
2. Nick Barrable 52’38
3. Axel Fischer 54’28

In the women class (course 3) the victory went to the Belgian runner Aline Hermans. She ran the 7740m in 51’11. That was 2 minutes faster than another Belgian runner, Greet Oeyen. The 3th spot went to a Finnish runner: Salla Tiihonen, closely followed by Kirsi Koivuniemi.

D21E: (7740m)
1. Aline Hermans 51’11
2. Greet Oeyen 53’01
3. Salla Tiihonen 54’25

1. England 199 points
2. Belgium (Flemish speaking part) 167
3. Belgium (French speaking part) 131
4. the Netherlands 104
5. Westfalen (Germany) 83

Results Interland Team runners

Splits Interland Team runners

Results Interland other runners
Splits Interland other runners
Map (H21E)

Runoway (draw routechoices / routekeuzes intekenen)

(more photos:


  • At 5/3/08 00:20, Anonymous Desmond said…

    De interland is toegevoegd aan de Bel-ranking:

  • At 5/3/08 19:19, Blogger Bart Delobel said…

    Als ge de runoway bekijkt ziet ge de Fischer vanaf post 16 plots de andere bolekes inhalen en voorbijgaan.. Denkt maar dat dat bolleke Delobel is.


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