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maandag, februari 25, 2008

Belgian 1st national competition

Today the first Belgian national event took place in Dilsenerbos. The terrain was pretty hilly compared with other maps in the north of Belgium and the runability was mostly bad. Even some white areas on the map were difficult to pass through at high speed. Also some controls were hided (too) difficult, like deeply in the pits. But the coursesetting was excellent: some long legs with routechoices and shorter ones in the technical area.
In the men elite class Nicolas Sillien was in the lead untill the 2nd last control. Here (in a techincal area) he made a 2'20 mistake. So the victory went to Bart Delobel, 2 minutes faster than Nicolas Sillien and Jeroen Hoekx.
An other Belgian toporienteer took it easy during the first national event. Etienne Van Gasse run a jogging one day earlier and used the 1st National as a training. On these photos you can see that Etienne is in great shape He's running in the lead during the jogging 'Les cretes Brainoise Lillois' and finally finished in 1st psoition (41'33 - 12400m).
In the women elite class Aline Hermans run the best time. Kim Geypen and Miek Fabre became 2nd and 3th.
The victory in the floating trophy Challenge SOFT went to the organising club: Omega.

Map1 (H21E)
Map2 (H21E)
Nederlandstalig verslag (door reporter W. Van Krunckelsven)