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zondag, december 30, 2007

Delobel and Fabré in last WRE of the year

British national team runner, Nick Barrable(photo - WCup, Switzerland) won the Sylvester 5 days in Belgium. A steady race today was just good enough to keep of his closest opponents. The French Benjamin Lepoutre and Simon Leroy became second and third.

In the womens class Masha Semak from the Ukraine won the 5 days in front of Veerle Tulleneers and Greet Oeyen.

W21E - 5 days
1. Masha Semak 3931 pnt.
2. Veerle Tulleneers 3857
3. Greet Oeyen 3774

M21E - 5 days
1. Nick Barrable 3945 pnt.
2. Benjamin Lepoutre 3854
3. Simon Leroy 3753

The last stage however was a world ranking event, and we saw some different names on top of the lists. The women's class was won by junior star Miek Fabré. A quite easy training week resulted in good legs. She was more then 2 minutes faster than the overall winner Masha Semak.

A tight finish concluded the men's last stage through the Hills of Hechtel. The 28 year-old Belgian, Bart Delobel showed great shape once again. Jan Gilot and Geert Simkens finished within a minute on place 2 and 3.

Fabré & Delobel - Celebrating their WRE victory

W21E - 6,5km
1. Miek Fabré 41.27
2. Masha Semak 43.29
3. Greet Oeyen 45.17
4. Elisabeth Henkes 45.26
5. Vincane Mulpas 47.09
6. Séverine Vandermeulen 47.53

M21E - 6,9km
1. Bart Delobel 36.17
2. Jan Gilot 36.56
3. Geert Simkens 37.00
4. Benjamin Lepoutre 37.10
5. Thomas van der Kleij 37.23
6. Nick Barrable 37.36

Results total
Map (M21E)