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vrijdag, december 07, 2007

POM 2008 preview

The new O-season will start off again in Portugal. POM 2008 (Portugal O-meeting) will take place from the 2nd till 5th of February in the Algarve (Faro. Last year the organisation had some bad luck with the weather but the level of the competition was very high with an outstanding Thierry Gueorgiou.

This year promisses to be again a nice competition. The complete Norwegian team with Anders Nordberg, Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, Audun Weltzien, Holger Hott, Jonn Are Myhren (yes he is in the team as well) Olav Lundanes, Magne Daehli, Oystein kvaal Osterbo and of course the best girls of Norway as well: Anne Margerethe Hausken, Ingunn Weltzien, Marianne Andersen and others.

"Who will be able to beat these guys?" France or Sweden maybe.

Some Belgian names as well: Tom Herremans, Veronique Bastin, Fabien Pasquasy, Johan Goubau, Christophe Bernard, …

It can’t be much closer to a Ryanair airport. So it’s very easy to go there. The temperature now in Faro is about 20°C (not fahrenheit).

The best way to organise your training camp in Portugal or Spain is by Sun-O. Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Austria will travel already by this organisation. These guys organise everything for you: car rental, lodging, cultural activities, entries to O-competitions, and most important O-trainings on a fine selection of maps with quality courses and controls in the forest. A complete training camp or just the POM they organise it for you and not only for POM but also for ori-estareja, spanish champs, portugal champs you can contact this organisation.

What is more fun than orienteering in the sun?