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vrijdag, december 28, 2007

Barrable and Semak take victory - Sylvester day 2

The brittish national team member Nick Barrable took the victory on the second day of the Sylvester 5 days. The Frenchman Lepoutre and the Belgian Linten took a fast start. But after the second control Barrable was in the lead during the rest of the race. He made a good performance and lost less than 1 minute on the fastest possible time. But that is quite logical because Barrable won 18 of the 28 stracktimes.
Lepoutre took the second spot. He needed 3 minutes more for his 8840m.
Jan Oeyen, the winner of the first stage, took the 3th place before another French runner, Leroy Simon.

Results and splits day 2

Barrable took also the lead in the classification after 2 days
1 BARRABLE Nick SLOW 1981 981 1000
2 OEYEN Jan Borasca 1928 1000 928
3 LEPOUTRE Benjamin CREF 1878 941 937
4 LEROY Simon CREF 1848 922 926
5 HENDRICKX Wannes K.O.L. 1768 902 866

In the womens class, the victory was for the ukrainian Semak Masha. Veerle Tulleneers and Greet Oeyen took the second and thirth position of the day classification.

Results and Splits day 2

In the general classification after 2 days Tulleneers is still in the lead. But it is going to be a close competition between these women.
1 TULLENEERS Veerle Omega 1974 1000 974
2 SEMAK Masha Esk Valley Orienteering Club 1968 968 1000
3 OEYEN Greet hamok 1881 926 955
4 GEYPEN Kim Omega 1813 876 937
5 VAN OPSTAL Lieke K.O.L. 1717 843 874

Map by RouteGadget
Picture: Park world Tour


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