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zaterdag, december 29, 2007

French Double - Second win for Semak

Sylvester 5 days that started 1/2 weeks ago with more than 300 runners competing has boiled down to a battle between two runners - Veerle Tulleneers of Belgium and Masha Semak (photo-worldofo) from the Ukraine. Semak took the overal lead (best 3 of 4) with another stage win in the tricky forest of Gerhees. But it's only 20 points down to Tulleneers, so the excitement can continue in tomorrow's world ranking event. Also Greet Oeyen and kim Geypen are not far behind an can possibly take the overall victory with a marvelous run.

France’s Benjamin Lepoutre wrapped up his first stage win, while compatriot Simon Leroy made it a double French celebration by taking the second place today. The French youngsters catched up with eachother early in the race and made it an outstanding run. A good performance was done by the KOL-team with Linten, Heuninckx, Hendrickx, Mariën and briers, but it didn't pay of. Only Linten finished on the podium on third spot. Nick Barrable, stage 2 and 3 winner, did not start today. Barrable catched a cold and wanted to rest for tomorrow's world ranking event.

Map (D21E- by ja)


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