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zaterdag, september 01, 2007

Resuts and map Latin Cup: middle distance

Yesterday the Latin Cup started. It's a competition between several countries like Belgium (the south), Spain, Italy, Romania, Moldavia and Portugal. Last year (2006) the competition took place in Belgium. Here, France was also one of the participating countries, but this year (in Romania) they are absent. On Friday they run middle distance, on saturday sprint distance and finally on sunday long distance.

Map H21E: 6.5km and 300m climbing.


The Italian team travelled by car and had to drive 14 houres. But the results weren't bad: Roberto Dallavalle (H18E), Nicole Scalet (W18E, also present at JWOC and oringen, running for Linköpings) and Giancarlo Simion (H20E, and a good friend from our 'delaatstepost'-member Elien Melis, as you can see on the photo) took the victory. They are in the lead together with Romania. Belgium took 3 2nd places and is now 4th in the overall-ranking. Only Portugal was slower.

The Belgian team: Corentin Tonneau (H20E), Astrid Bastin (D18E), Christophe Bernard (H21E), Severine Vandermeulen (D21E), Gilles De Neyer (H18E) and Katharina Henkes (D20E).

source: frso


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