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zaterdag, augustus 18, 2007

5 days Belgium 4th day

The 4th day of the event took place in Lommel.

Nice forest with many paths and contours made it to a challenging competition.And with the high grass, and sometimes dense undergrowth it was a fight till the end.
In Men Elite it was Jeroen Hoekx who took the victory today. You can check his route compared with his team mate second place Jeroen van der Kleij It was a close battle

You can check the map.

In overall standings Pieter Hendrickx is almost sure about the overall victory..
For further results you have to check
Only a one argument to the organisers today
It's a pity that most Eliterunners lost time on two controls which where too lucky.. number 22 and 23
I suggest "just Say No to Bingo Controls"


  • At 19/8/07 21:22, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    zo "lucky" zien ze er niet uit, ik heb al luckier posten gezien.

  • At 20/8/07 07:02, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    idd, zo zien ze er niet uit , ze zien er easy uit, tot dat je daar staat..


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