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zondag, mei 13, 2007

MOM Middle distance Suisse

Today in Suisse, Taverne, the middle distance championship took place. All famous Suisse runners, the French POLE-team and the Belgian national team participated in this event.
Yesterday during the sprint distance Merz took the victory (faster than Hubmann and Müller) in the Men elite class. In the women class, Simone Luder was outstanding, one minute faster than Sara Gemperle and Martina Fritschy. Only Suisse runners on the podium!
The middle distance was organised on the map Taverne, also used during JWOC 2005 middle distance. The terrain was ofcourse much more difficult and technical compared with yesterday.

HE (4500m, 245m, 18 controls):
(83 participators)
1. Thierry Guergiou 30:01
2. David Schneider 31:46
3. Benno Schuler 32:01
4. Baptiste Rollier 32:09
5. Stefano Maddalena 32:28

29. Fabien Pasquasy 38:33
42. Christoph Bernard 42:00
44. Thomas Van Der Kleij 42:34
47. Joost Talloen 44:10
53. Etienne Van Gasse 46:17
65. Jan Gilot 50:52
66. Dries Van Der Kleij 51:55
73. Vincent Sillien 59:22
74. Bart Delobel 1:00:12
David Lemaire Po.f.
Alain Mazy Po.f.

The 12th control seemed to be very important, here Guergiou made the gap and the difference with Schuler and Schneider. They both lost time here, and their advantage on Guergiou! Merz started strong the first 4 controls, but couldn't keep the speed high enough to fight for the victory. Daniel Hubman punched a wrong control, so no chance to win.

DE (3700m, 160m, 15 controls):
(48 participators)
1. Simone Niggli 31:14
2. Sara Lüscher 34:54
3. Sara Gemperle 35:43
4. Franziska Wolleb 35:49
5. Ines Brodmann 35:59

22. Greet Oeyen 44:42
37. Aline Hermans 50:28
38. Severine Vandermeulen 51:01
40. Vinciane Mulpas 51:43
46. Véronique Bastin 1:00:25
48. Anne Francoise Hennen 1:18:27

Simone Luder became the national champion for the 16th time in her life. This race, she won with a gap of 3 minutes, but it wasn't perfect. At the 3th control she made a mistake and lost a minute. The winner of last year, Ines Brodmann became 5th, she made a mistake at the end, because at control 13 (15 controls in total) she was still in 2nd position. An other favourit, Martina Fritschy became 6th, she made a big mistake from 4 minutes in this technical area.