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zaterdag, mei 19, 2007

Belgian national team

Last week the Belgian team for WC is announced. The qualificationraces took place during the Holland 3-days and the weekend in Suisse (national championship sprint and middle distance). Below you can check the names of the members who are selected for the world cup events:

Finland (sprint distance) during Jukola:
Fabien Pasquasy
Etienne Van Gasse
Joost Talloen

Norway (middle):
Christophe Bernard
Fabien Pasquasy
Etienne Van Gasse
Joost Talloen

Sweden (sprint, middle and long distance) during O-ringen:
Greet Oeyen
Fabien Pasquasy
Etienne Van Gasse
Joost Talloen

Website: WC events

An overview: all the members of the national team:
Delobel Bart (A)
Gilot Jan (A)
Hendrickx Pieter (A)
Hendrickx Wannes (C)
Talloen Joost (C)
Van der Kleij Dries (C)
Van der Kleij Thomas (C)
Bernard Christophe (?)
Goubeau Julien (?)
Krier Jean-Francois (?)
Lemaire David (?)
Mazy Alain (?)
Pasquasy Fabien (?)
Sillien Nicolas (?)
Sillien Vincent (?)
Van Gasse Etienne (?)

Oeyen Greet (A)
Bruyninckx Katrien (B)
Herremans Sofie (C)
Bastin Veronique (?)
Hennen Anne-Francoise (?)
Hermans Aline (?)
Mulpas Vinciane (?)
Vandermeulen Severine (?)

Between (): the statutes assigned in the beginning of the season. Persons with a A-statute get more support and sponsorship than persons with a B-statute. Athletes with a C-statute get the smallest support.
I don't know if the south part of our country uses this kind of statutes, so they are indicated by a questionmark (?).

Overall results Holland 3-days:

more detailed results: here
Overall results Suisse weekend: