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dinsdag, april 10, 2007

Belgian JWOC-team

The following Belgian juniors qualified for the Junior world championships in Australia. It's not sure all the 4 athletes will participate at the world champs because of the high personal expenses to travel.

Elisabeth HENKES (Omega)
Jeremy GENAR (Trol)
Johan GOUBAU (Pégase)
Gilles DE NEYER (A.S.U.B.)

Dubbo will host the 2007 World Junior Championships. 2007 will be the first time that JWOC will have been held outside of Europe.

Saturday 7th July 2007: Model Event, Opening Ceremony
Sunday 8th July 2007: Sprint Distance
Monday 9th July 2007: Long Distance
Tuesday 10th July 2007: Rest Day
Wednesday 11th July 2007: Middle Distance Qualification
Thursday 12th July 2007: Middle Distance Final
Friday 13th July 2007: Relay, Closing Ceremony


  • At 11/4/07 08:07, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    There is a big big big mistake in your article.

    Jeremy Genar is also qualified but VVO decided not to finance the travel for their althletes in the beginning of the season despite the fact they have money for it (see VVO report benefits from season 2006). It's a political choice of the VVO federation and I'm not discussing about it but you should mention it.

    Jeremy is - in my point of view - a great talent but he is not supported or helped as it should be. It's the same case with Elisabeth Henkes.

    Maybe their mother clubs should ask again in VVO sport commission to help and find founds for their travel.

  • At 11/4/07 09:10, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    As secretary of the VVO Teamcommission I want to clarify VVO's position on the participation to the JWOC in Australia.
    During different meetings of the commission this topic was discussed as well as with the members of the VVO junior team. Finally we decided that the financial effort to participate in this event was to big and that instead we created a program for 2 years with as target the JWOC 2008 in Sweden (ref. the different trainingprograms in 2007 & 2008).

    Concerning the comments from Fabien: being a great athlete does not mean that you know everything about our sport and especially not about the financial situation of VVO. Comments like this should not be placed on a public blog because up to me your only intention is to try to disturb the very good sphere within the VVO junior team.

    Walter Van Krunckelsven

  • At 11/4/07 10:57, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I agree and I appologize for my comments. I'm just sad for best runners from VVO.

    Could you please delete my first comment (to administrator of Delaaste post) ?

    Thanks a lot

    Sportive groeten


  • At 11/4/07 14:57, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I do NOT think Fabiens' comment should be deleted nor should he apologize for it.

    He describes very well how VVO decided not to send their best atlethes to JWOC 07 but allocate the money to a bigger group prepare for JWOC 08. This means one opportunity less for our best youngsters to be exposed to JWOC pressure! Anyway, it appears it has been discussed in-dept and agreed with all responsibles and atletes, in a democratic process, so fine with me!
    But that DOES NOT mean one (Fabien) cannot express opinion. Weblogs are made for comments and opinions, they keep things interesting and even might provide decisions-makers with fresh ideas or point of views!!

    This weblog is my daily update on belgian orienteering, so keep on going, delaatstepost!

    ps. I propose administrators of delaatstepost to launch a debate on the future of belgian elite orienteering and which objectives we should set. Everyone knows that one cannot become good in Scandinavian terrain without having spent there several months/years. Do we belgians try to bend this 'rule'?
    Just imagine National Cycling Federation send Tom Boonen to French Alps 2 weeks per year, hoping he could win Tour the France. No, instead, as he has been riding them since he was 10, he focuses on Ronde Van Vlaanderen and Gent-Wevelgem & the sprint finishes in the first week of the Tour.
    Translating this to Belgian orienteering: let's stop to try to create 'polyvalent' orienteers, cause we do not have the terrains & size for it. we have terrains for sprint & relay and recent history shows good belgian results in these disciplines only! So let's do specific training camps in 'our' kind of terrains, participate to big sprint & relay events, organise belgian sprint series and for those who really have the talent, help with organising long term stays in Scandinavia etc... Only this way, we might have some 'return-on-investment'!
    What do the other bloggers think?

  • At 11/4/07 19:35, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I agree tom's opinion about working more international.
    maybe a co-operation with a scandinavian club could be a way to reach better results.
    in the past the athletes had to search and work out individually training possibilities in scandinavie (for example bart, joost, fabien -and tom and wim a longer time ago).

    The sprint results of the last few years showed the talent of our top-runners.
    of course our top-orienteers have to agree and support this idea.
    and it is not easy in a small sport as orienteering, but by thinking this we will stay a small country in the orienteering-world

  • At 11/4/07 22:04, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Heeft één van jullie al eens berekend hoeveel het de atleten (of hun ouders) zou kosten om deel te nemen aan de JWOC en dit in de veronderstelling dat het VVO budget dat nu gebruikt werd/wordt voor de 2 stages in Zweden integraal naar de JWOC gangers zou gaan.

    Ik kom op een bedrag tussen 1500 en 2000 euro per persoon dat door hen zelf moet opgelegd worden want vergeet niet dat als we vanuit VVO volop de kaart Australië zouden trekken dat er een heleboel meer kandidaten aan de selectienorm zouden voldaan hebben dan nu het geval is. Ik denk hier aan onder andere aan Miek, Elien en Saartje bij de dames en Jochen en Dennis bij de heren (mijn excuses als ik andere potentiële kandidaten vergeten ben).

    Diegenen die dit willen kunnen me steeds contacteren om de berekening te bekijken.

    Walter Van Krunckelsven

  • At 11/4/07 22:36, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    just some short notes:

    The national federation should always aim to send the best national team, not the best regional team. Not just pick the QuickStep-cyclists, but also the guys from Chocolade-Jaques, if the'te better.

    Already in 2005, Belgium didn't send a team to Japan. If I was in the senior team today this situation would make me mad: no senior team in 2005 for Japan, but 2 years later, a junior team to Australia... Why the juniors can go , and we could not 2 years ago?

  • At 12/4/07 00:40, Blogger sofie said…

    My opinion on some of this:
    The VVO decision of not sending anyone to JWOC this year could be a good one. I feel the group has really a big 'goal' now with JWOC 2008, they have already been and will go more to training camps.(it could although add a bit more pressure).
    As I experience it as an outsider, the group has a strong group feeling, is a real TEAM, it reminds me of my juniors years with Dirk and Linda.
    Australian terrain is very different than Belgian terrain and I would not expect really good performances.

    The financial aspect is totally understandable. It is going to cost a lot of money to go to JWOC.

    But, as i live in NZ now, I would like to add that the NZ Juniors have to PAY that amount of money every YEAR they go. This is also a big financial problem for them. The federation is not rich either, probably even less funds available than VVO. Most athletes here know it will be a big financial thing but they seem to be willing to pay a big amount of money, and also combine their JWOC trip sometimes with a longer trip (something that could be done this year as well in Australia, travelling afterwards or so)

    As orienteering is a growing sport, we can expect more JWOC, WOC's etc in other parts of the world, will we NEVER go there?

    It is not fair to those countries I think who have been coming to Europe every year.

    I think we have chosen the wrong sport financially :)

    But it is just a great sport so let's all keep doing it!!!

  • At 12/4/07 04:31, Blogger dries said…

    As a contributor (with adminrights) of this weblog I decided not to delete the comment of Fabien as he requested. I don't see any intention of Fabien to disturb the good teamspirit. I encourage people giving their opinion on articles. Of course we want to give correct information, so if you see any mistakes, don't hesitate to contact us.

    To find a solution for the situation:
    - Since VVO-clubs are richer than the federation we should think of a more transparent sponsorship by the clubs together with VVO.
    - Find a sponsor

    The budget is more or less the same each year (I don't think inflation is taken into account) the way it is spend/divided/not spend is different every year.

    Sofie, about the combination holiday - JWOC. It will be winter in Australia... so it's probably less interesting than it sounds. Anyway, going to australia as a junior would be a great experience, and I remember us talking 4-5 years ago about being a junior coach at this time to be able to visit Australia in a rather cheap way. Anyway I will come end of may beginning of june for another purpose.

  • At 12/4/07 09:40, Blogger sofie said…

    >Dries: get your facts right about Australian weather!! :)
    While it will not be that warm in Dubbo (average max temp still 15 degrees though) I am pretty sure the rest of Australia will be still fairly warm, so I don't think that should be an excuse.
    Check out this link for a map:

    Winter in Australia could be equal to a bad summer in Belgium...
    I would not recommend going full on summer as temperatures can be >40 degrees.

    I think it would be silly not to combine JWOC with a holiday if you are a junior who has plenty of time, no school. Especially if you have to pay 2000 euro's for you trip.

  • At 12/4/07 09:49, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Once again I must contradict a statement which is made without having the correct information.

    The VVO-budget for the teams shows an increase of 6.7% from 2006 towards 2007 which I believe is more then the inflation and then I did not take into account the extra budget which was granted by the Global Conference of VVO with respect to the purchase of orienteering clothes for represants in the Belgian national team.

    Concerning the evolution in the previous years I cannot and will not make a statement because this was prior to my presence in the commission.

    Walter Van Krunckelsven

  • At 12/4/07 15:14, Blogger dries said…

    maybe you can check the evolution of the last 10 years. I prefer to have an increase of my salary each year 2% than every ten years 6.7%

  • At 15/4/07 23:27, Blogger Desmond said…

    meer info rond dit onderwerp:

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