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dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

orient-show near belgium

foto: orientshow in Istanbul

Saturday 25 November 2006; 14h. a new concept of orienteering will be presented in Lille (Rijsel) :the orient-show.

The Best athletes of France and Belgium will be present here. Thierry Gueorgiou, Damien Renard, Fabien Pasquasy, ...

The distance of an orient-show is between 100 and 400m, and winning times are less than 5 minutes. The area is mapped at 1:500. There will be 3 rounds, and the final will be amongst the 4 best. Who will be the best in these supersprint races?

Saturday morning there will be a middle distance and sunday a long distance as well, A very nice orienteering weekend.

Foto: Orient-show in Sweden (o-ringen 2005)