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zaterdag, oktober 07, 2006

Gueorgiou Misspunched, Finland on top

Interview with Thierry Gueorgiou : "It's a big mistake (the misspunch) that destroys the result of all the team. It was going to be a good relay for me but I tried to shake everybody off after the spectator control and lost about 2 min on the following controls after a big mistake. Then i caught again the norwegian guys and David Andersson. But i made a second mistake... to get focus on the sprint too early instead of focusing on the next control to punch. I felt i was too much on the left but saw a control and i got there to punch it, but it looks like it was the women one.

1. Finland(Lakanan, Ikonen, Huovila) - 2.09.33
2. Switzerland +3.15
3. Sweden +4.30
4. Norway1 +7.01
5. Norway2 +7.41
6. Great Britain +7.49
15. Belgium(Bernard, Bastin, Pasquasy) +30:55
18. Belgium2(Krier, Sillien, Talloen)

1. Finland2 1.59.12
2. Finland1 +5.51
3. Switzerland +5.52
4. Sweden +12.25
5. Norway +12.56
6. Great Britain +16.19