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vrijdag, oktober 06, 2006

Junior European Championships - Switzerland

While the seniors are competing for the final standings in the World Cup in the extreme terrains in France, most of European promising young juniors are competing at JEC (Junior European Cup) in Switzerland. There is definitely a good competition with a lot of countries present, with Sweden being one of the absent countries. After JWOC this competition probably is for a lot of the juniors the 2nd most important race of the year, although it is pretty late in the season.
The programme for the weekend is: Long Distance on Friday, Sprint race on Saturday in the city of Spiez and the team Relay on Sunday.

Today the long distance was held, results are as follows:

H20 (7,8 km/390 m/19 Posten)
1. Olav Lundanes NOR 55:24
2. Rasmus Djurhuus DAN 59:59
3. Tore Bjørseth Berdal NOR 1:00:06

D20 (5,6 km/250 m/16 Posten)
1. Mali Fjogstad Nilsen NOR 53:10
2. Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul NOR 56:18
3. Guro Flatekval NOR 57:29

H18 (,9 km/330 m/ 21 Posten)
1. Christian Wartbichler AUT 54:41
2. Kaspar Hägler SUI 55:05
3. Stepan Kodeda CZE 55:51

D18 (5,2 km/230 m/15 Posten)
1. Sarka Svobodna CZE 48:14
2. Tikhonova Anastasia RUS 48:52
3. Kine Hallan Steiwer NOR 48:57

As you can see, in the 20’s categories the Scandinavian runners are impressively on top while in the 18’s we can see more of the Central European runners on the podium. A very good Belgian result of Miek Fabre in 10th spot in the W18.