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zaterdag, oktober 07, 2006

Orienteering video New Zealand

Fancy some challenging orienteering on the other site of the world? Check this out! Promotional Video .

This promotional video gives an awesome preview of the maps and terrains that are going to be used for the 2007 Waitangi Weekend Orienteering competition in Taupo, New Zealand, next year February.

The program is pretty packed with a Long Distance, Middle Distance, Sprint Distance, Middle, Regional Relay, Sprint and a Loop Race in 4 days, so it's gonna be great!
With the best New Zealand runners present, and probably some Australians and Europeans it promises to be an exciting race.

2 races even are World Ranking Events so it’s a great chance to improve your World Ranking while most of the Europeans are still training in the snow :)

Count me in!

More info here