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vrijdag, oktober 06, 2006

WC Middle Distance: "Finish line"

Rémi Gueorgiou (France) sets a first really strong time of 35'25". Next top runner is Johan Modig (Sweden). He had some fast splits but in the middle part he lost some time to Rémi. 37'19" is the second best time.
Jörgen Wickholm and Tero Fohr(Finland) are the next strong guys from finland to arrive. But First some Belgian runners arrive with a good time.
Fabien Pasquasy and Christophe Bernard arrive in a time of 40'19" and 40'03". Oleksandr Kratov (Ukraine) is faster than anybody else. He was already fast in the qualification race, his time: 33'42".
Gernold Kerschbaumer (Austria) arrives... he gets 2nd spot at that moment and will be the best Austrian runner.
We have to wait for Carl Waaler Kaas (Norway) to have a new leader. He is one of the many strong NTNUI-runners of Trondheim. He must have seen Tue Lassen (Danmark) in the forest but lost about 1 minute at the end. Tero Fohr (Finland) can't do the same as at the finnish championships. His time is good: 33'34", but not good enough to win today. Baptiste Rollier (Switserland) is a bit faster than Tero, but Carl Waaler stays in front. Jon Duncan (Great Brittain) sets a strong time: 33'43". Øystein Kvaal Østerbø (Norway) and Mats Haldin (Finland) arrive together, both in a disappointing time. The norwegian lost about 5 minutes in the beginning. David Andersson (Sweden) arrives just behind these two runners, his time will be hard to beat: 31'10". He must have been flying through the forest.
Now only good runners will be at the finish line. Niclas Jonasson (Sweden), Damien Renard (France) and Pasi Ikonen (Finland) are a bit disappointing. Jarkko Huovila (Finland) gets very close to David Andersson. Emil Wingstedt (Sweden) loses lots of time... more than 10 minutes. Holger Hott Johanson (Norway) and Valentin Novikov (Russia) arrive together... have they been running together for a big part of the course? Novikov sets a really good time: 29'45" more than one minute faster than the previous leader. Only 2 runners to arrive. And they again arrive at the same time. Thierry Gueorgiou (France) and Daniel Hubmann (Switserland). Guergiou again is the best today, after a clear victory yesterday. He is more than 1 minute faster than Valentin: 28'28". Daniel could slipstream into 3th place. It is Gueorgiou who wins the world cup 2006. Of the three races this week the middle distance probably was the hardest to win... halfway it was still Novikov who had the lead, but Gueorgiou is the King of this forest; described as the most difficult terrain in the world by many runners.