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vrijdag, september 01, 2006

World Cup 2007 rules "new proposals"

As described in a previous article the number of runners allowed for a world cup is limited in 2007. For the best countries this means there are more runners allowed.But if you are not a top-22 country, only one runner is allowed to participate.
The ranking is based on the best 20 runners of each country. I wondered what the ranking would be if only 5 runners were taken into acount. So I made a calculation (only for the men).

At the left: old ranking (20 runners)
At the right: new ranking (5 runners)

A few countries made a large drop or climb in the ranking. And there is also a new leader: Switserland.

You can see that there is a clear top 3, subtop 4-9 and subsubtop 10-25. The new ranking is in my opinion more fair than the old one. Besides that I think all top 25 deserve at least 2 runners.
Maybe a reconsideration of the number of runners is also necessary: my proposal:
1-3 --> 10
4-6 --> 8
7-9 --> 7
10-15 --> 5
16-18 --> 4
19-21 --> 3
22-25 --> 2
I would like to know the opinion of athletes of all countries about this matter. Don't hesitate to post a comment.

To do the same for women, I think you should only take 3 or 4 women into acount to make a ranking.


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