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dinsdag, december 29, 2009

Sylvester: Wickholm - Hendrickx 2-2

Today the 4th stage at the Sylvester 5-days took place in the military area Sanicole. In class H21E Jorgen Wickholm won his 2nd race in Belgium. He was 1'30 faster than Jeroen Hoekx (Bel) and 2'30 than Fredric Portin (Fin). Pieter Hendrickx (fighting for the overall victory) lost some important points and finished in 9th spot today. In the beginning he made several mistakes and lost almost 4 minutes after 4 controls. If Hendrickx want to gain the overall victory, he should win by a big margin tomorrow.

Ken Peeters finished in 4th position today, after making a mistake at the 3rd control. Dries vdk and Peeters wrote on their attackpointlog that the control wasn't totally at the correct position. In the total ranking Peeters is 3rd at the moment, closely followed by Hoekx and T. Hendrickx (who gained 1.000 points by winning the LD-race yesterday?).

Tomorrow the final stage will take place in a fast (but partly technical) sand area in Lommel. In the close future the Belgian champs middle distance will take place in this terrain. Ofcourse we again expect strong runners like Wickholm, Hendrickx and Peeters in the head of the race. But maybe Hoekx, Anciaux and specially the van der Kleij brothers will surprise in their own village.

Jorgen Wickhom @ Oringen 2008 (worldcup) - photo:

In class D21E Greet Oeyen secured her victory by winning her 4th race in a row. Today she won by a small margin ahead of Veerle Tulleneers. Sabrina Meriheina finsihed 3rd today ahead of Saartje Sallaerts. Both ladies are in a close fight for the 2nd position in the overall ranking. Something to look forward to at the final stage tomorrow at the Sahara (Lommel).

Map (Jeroen Hoekx) + Ken Peeters + Yannick Michiels
Sylvester Overall ranking


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