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donderdag, juli 03, 2008

JWOC: Middle Final: Results

Today the middle distance final took place in Änggårdsbergen (map), an area partly used for recreation. The 2 important races today are the men A-final (4100m length, 230m climbing, 16 controls) and women A-final (3000m length, 145m climbing, 12 controls).

In the A-final men, no Belgian runners were present. The Swedish team performed very strong, they were with 5 runners on top of the list (5 runners in top10). Also the winner Johan Runesson (OK Tisaren) is from Sweden. He was faster than Ulf Forseth Indgaard from Norway and Sören Bobach from Danmark. Olli-Markus Taivainen (Finland) was at the prewarning still in 2nd position, but he lost 2 places in the end. The fight for place 2 till 5 was very close. Below you can see the top6.

A-final men:
1. Johan Runesson 30'45
2. Ulf Forseth Indgaard 31'16
3. Sören Bobach 31'19
4. Olli-Markus Taivainen 31'21
5. Olle Boström 31'29
6. Pelle Engstrand 32'06

Johan Runesson (picture:

In the women A-final 2 Belgian runners were present. After the qualifacation races the Belgian girls told that they were happy with their races. Yesterday Miek Fabre only made a few small mistakes close to the controls. At the finish she was 12th in the C-heat. Elisabeth Henkes was 15th in the same heat, 5a6 minutes slower than the winner. But today (despite the support of Belgian elite runner Fabien Pasquasy) they didn't succeed to run a great race again. Miek Fabre made a mistake in the first part of the race, at the radiocontrol she already lost mpre than 8 minutes. Afterwards she run better and finally she became 47th. Elisabeth Henkes became 59th.

The Finnish runner Venla Niemi, member of Tampereen Pyrintö, will become 18years old next week. But she doesn't need to wait to celebrate because she took the victory today. Yesterday she was still 2nd in the A-heat but today she was faster than Beate Falk from Sweden and Karine D'Harreville from France. The results are visible below.

A-final women:
1. Venla Niemie 28'29
2. Beate Falk 29'03
3. Karine D'Harreville 29'12
4. Anna Forsberg 29'30
5. Jenny Lönnkvist 29'40
6. Marika Teini 29'47
47. Miek Fabre 40'38
59. Elisabeth Henkes 47'16

In the male class, the best Belgian runner is Jochen Verdeyen. He qualified yesterday for the B-final. But today he didn't start in the B-final, probably because of his injury. We wonder or he'll start at the long distance in 2 days.

B-final men:
1. Lucas Basset 29'23
2. Andrea Seppi 30'45
3. Jakub Zimmerman 31'15
Jochen verdeyen did not start.

Today 3 Belgian male runners participated in the C-final. They announced that they would take the C-final as a training. They wanted to become more selfconfident by running this C-final. Wouter Leeuws did a good race and became 3th. Gilles Deneyer finished 8th and O-ringen winner Jeremy Genar 15th. The results are visible below:

Wouter Leeuws

C-final men:
1. Jacek Morawski 20.37
2. Matjaz Stanfel 22.38
3. Wouter Leeuws 23.16
8. Gilles Deneyer 25.54
15. Jeremy Genar 28.19

Map A-final men
Map A-final women

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