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vrijdag, mei 30, 2008

EOC results: long final

Women's final
Anne Margrethe Hausken again took the gold medal at this year's EOC event! Although in the men's category we have to look for the first norwegian in 8th place, for the second time in a row we find the 1st norwegian girl at the top of the results! Second place was for Ryabkina Tatiana and third place for Emma Engstrand. Remarkable in this results is that from control 2 to control 18 (59:39 min.) Tatiana always takes head position, but with a loss of 31 seconds, from then on Hausken takes the lead untill the 25th and last control. A very exciting race, thus, for the women's category. Some might think that with the absence of pregnant Simone Luder, this category loses the best athlete, but Anne Margerethe prooves that she also is able to win gold in variable distances.

Women's results:
1. Hausken, Anne Margrethe NOR 1:08:55
2. Ryabkina, Tatiana RUS 1:09:48
3. Engstrand, Emma SWE 1:10:33
4. Novikova,Yulia RUS 1:11:19
5. Johansson,Sofie SWE 1:11:48

Men's Results:
1. Tsvetkov,Dmitriy RUS 1:29:12 + 00:00
2. Hubmann,Daniel SUI 1:29:45 + 00:33
3. Wingstedt,Emil SWE 1:29:46 + 00:34
4. Merz,Matthias SUI 1:31:00 + 01:48
5. Johansson,Martin Per SWE 1:31:42 + 02:30

11. Millinger,Mattias SWE 1:33:22 + 04:10

In the men's category, a very surprising victory went to Tsvetkov Dmitriy! He never was in a top-20 place at any important H21E championchip before today, but he did win the golden medal at jwoc in 2003. This year's 2nd place was for good "old" Daniel Hubmann and 3th place for Emil Wingsted.

At the world of o website ( you can find the following analysis of Martin Lerjen, where you can also find some hypotheses of the men's victory.

Matthias Millinger and Martin Johanson, both
top-11 runners.