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maandag, september 10, 2007

Jan Gilots route choices to the Belgian title

Belgian Championship Long distance

Yesterday the Belgian championship long distance took place in Brasschaat.
In a previous article it was and is still possible to read a short report of the event.
Like mentioned before, Jan Gilot took his second victory in row.
He told us that he took the victory by making the least mistakes. This was the difference with his closest competitors, who run a faster time without mistakes (winsplits).

Jan drew his route choices:

* PART 1
* PART 2

In that same 'previous article we could read that some runners explained a bad race because of the map. But maybe the doubts about the map are not the only reason for the orienteeringmistakes.
I remember that Fabien Pasquasy told exactly the same comment ("I won the national championship because I made the least mistakes") after his victory two years ago in Masy. The map of Masy was drawn by the Oekrainian top drawer Orest Kotylo and everybody did agree that the map was perfect.
Maybe the average Belgian map is not challenging enough and these mistakes are caused by a tough and more technical race like yesterday instead of a wrong map.

JEC Selection
Also the Junior European Championship selections took place yesterday.
Due to the far trip to Australia, it is the only opportunity to run an important junior event in 2007 for the Flemish juniors.
The selection is limited to 4 runners in each class (M18, W18, M20 and W20).

Following runners are theoretical and unofficial selected (also taking in count the km times of the mens class):
M18: Leeuws Wouter, Genar Jeremy, De Neyer Gilles and Pelckmans Adriaan.
W18: Henkes Elisabeth
M20: Goubau Johan, Claes Gert, Wallaert Kim and Vandemeulebroek Félix
W20: Fabré Miek, Sallaerts Saartje and Melis Elien.

It is still an unofficial selection. ABSO/BVOS and VVO/FRSO still have to confirm their selection . But those youngsters can raise their trainingsintensity to perform well in France.

More pictures: I-ol


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