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maandag, september 10, 2007

Jan Gilot Belgian champion long distance

Jan Gilot

Last week, De Laatste Post headlined: "Gilot and Hendrickx are the favourites", after Fabien Pasquasy said so in his blog. It turns out that Fabien was quite right as Jan Gilot (KOL) managed to win the Belgian long distance championship, held in Brasschaat, Antwerp on the map "Klein Schietveld".

Gilot, also last year's winner, managed to keep his total time lost in mistakes to a minimum, yet he still made two two-minute mistakes. No-one of the top runners had a clean run in the Elite categories, partially because the high grass made the course into a tough challenge, but we also heard complaints about the map and the placing of the controls.

Follow-up runners in the standings were Etienne Van Gasse (Asub) and Pieter Hendrickx (KOL), Van Gasse being 1:28 behind and Hendrickx 2:07, with Fabien Pasquasy finishing just 2 seconds behind him on the fourth spot.

In the women's category, we have Veerle Tulleneers (Omega) in first position, in front of Aline Hermans (CO Liège) and Greet Oeyen (hamok). Again, no-one managed to run a clean race, with quite a few mistakes for Tulleneers too, but still less than the 5-minute mistake towards control 3 by Aline Hermans, after a fast paced start.

The junior categories were won by Wouter Leeuws (H-18), Johan Goubau (H-20), Elisabeth Henkes (D-18) and Miek Fabré (D-20). This race was the selection race for JEC in Millau (FR), we'll post the team as soon as it's officially announced.

It is definitely worth the time to compare this year's edition of the map to the 2001 version, as posted in our previous article, as the grassland to the north of the start has a far more detailed vegetation in the older version than in the newer one. Also the organizers might want to consult the sports rules (PDF) of the Belgian federation and more specifically item 14.6.


End-of-season coming closer, some rankings:


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