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dinsdag, juli 31, 2007

Why orienteering? Svenska tjej at oringen

Most runners at oringen are focused on the orienteering part, but inspired by the 'jwoc beauties poll' from our italian colleagues we couldn't stay behind. So the 'delaatstepost'-team appealed to a new photographer Alex Deroeck. He is well known for his fast schnitzel-times (he won 3/5days in H20long), his rugby-skills and also for his social intercourse with beautifull girls. After watching this comedy movie 'Svenska tjej' (the ultimate guide: how to pick up swedish girls), he was totally prepared for his assignment.

Here you can see the result:

Ida Tiltnes: This 17years old girl is running for IL Tyrving and is a talented orienteer. She 's the first reserve for the norwegian Eruropean youth championships-team. At the oringen she was running öppnen8, so she was able to sleep longer, because she doesn't like to get up too early.

Ines Brodmann: the suisse girl was running superelite duringen oringen and became 12th. She lost some time during the long distance worldcup with mass-start. Her best result was the worldcup sprint, here she became 6th in her class.

Jenny Lönnkvist: winner in D18elite, a few seconds faster than homerunner Anna Forsberg. The boy next to her obviously read the swedish o-journal 'skogssport'. Because in an interview with Jenny was written: 'Bästa discot: Maste väl vara Smaland 2005, för där blev jag ihop med Johan Aronsson och vi var ihop ett ar. (Tips till killarna i ar: Jenny är ledig).'
Translation: Her best oringenparty was in Smaland 2005 where she spent her time with her boyfriend Johan Aronsson. (Advice for the boys: Jenny is single this year).

Ingvild Bjørhei: run in D18long during oringen and reached the finish 2 times (day 2 and 3). Here on the picture she was spectator during the worldcup sprint distance.

Alex De Roeck: our photographer. Click on the picture to enlarge it and to see him more clear ;-).


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