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vrijdag, juli 13, 2007

Jwoc Relay

Norway won the women relay after a close sprint with Sweden. The winner of the middle and long finished in the same second, but the Norwegian Siri Ulvestad was just a few centimeters in front of Jenny Lönnkvist. Switzerland was one minute slower in third place.

In the mens Relay we saw an outstanding Czech Republic. The Norwegian favourits did a very good performance, but they could only be happy with a silver medal. The Czech second team, with the sprint champion Kral, finished in third spot. But the bronze medal was surprisingly for Latvia.

1 Norway 101:49
Kine Hallan STEIWER 34:34
Silje JAHREN 33:15
Siri ULVESTAD 33:59
2 Sweden 101:49
Eva SVENSSON 33:58
Sara ESKILSSON 34:06
Jenny LÖNNKVIST 33:44
3 Switserland 103:05
Sara WÜRMLI 34:39
Judith WYDER 35:06
Sabine HAUSWIRTH 33:19

1 Czech Republic 129:47
Stepan KODEDA 43:30
Jan BENES 43:40
Adam CHROMY 42:35
2 Norway 130:57
Torgeir NØRBECH 44:54
Magne DÆHLI 43:16
Olav LUNDANES 42:46
(2)Czech Republic 133:53
Matej KLUSACEK 43:09
Eduard SMEHLIK 46:41
Vojtech KRAL 44:01
3 Latvia 134:30
Mikus ZAGATA 43:31
Kalvis MIHAILOVS 46:06
Anatolijs TARASOVS 44:52


  • At 13/7/07 14:47, Blogger Jeremy said…

    Waarom is brons dan voor Letland en niet voor Tsjechië...?

  • At 13/7/07 14:55, Anonymous Séverine said…

    Want alleen maar een ploeg per land mag "tellen".

  • At 14/7/07 11:02, Anonymous winnie said…

    vandaar dat op woc elk land slechts één team mag inzetten

    Mooie foto trouwens.


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