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donderdag, juli 12, 2007

Jwoc Middle: Jenny Lönkvist and Olav Lundanes

Olav Lundanes won a new gold medal at the Middle distance today. Lundanes opened very fast, but made a 20 seconds mistake at the 5th control. At the spectators control, near the end of the race, he had a 3 seconds lead on the Swede Petter Eriksson. But ones again Lundanes finished very strong and ran away another 40 seconds. Also Martin Hubmann ran very fast at the end, and was only 3 seconds from a silver medal.
(Photo: Olav Lundanes and Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul - Erik Borg)

The swedish Jenny Lönnkvist won the womens race. There was no way to keep up with her speed. She did a perfect race and in the end she was 94 seconds in front of the Norwegian Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul. Bjørgul had one more minute down to the third spot. Tatyana Mendel and Saila Kinni had to share the bronze medal after a very close race.

Jenny Lönnkvist and Petter Eriksson

The Belgian Johan Goubau did a good race, and finished in spot 8th in the B-final. Gilles Deneyer became 38th .

Men, A-final

1Lundanes, OlavNOR23:25(+00:00)
2Eriksson, PetterSWE23:59(+00:44)
3Hubmann, MartinSUI24:02(+00:47)
4Dæhli, MagneNOR24:29(+01:14)
5Chromy, AdamCZE24:30(+01:15)
6Krajcik, MichalSLO24:52(+01:37)

Women, A-final
1Lönnkvist, JennySWE22:07(+00:00)
2Bjørgul, Ida MarieNOR23:41(+01:25)
3Mendel, TatyanaRUS24:32(+02:25)
3Saila, KinniFIN24:32(+02:25)
5Trubkina, AnastasiaRUS24:41(+02:34)
6Karochova, SimonaCZE24:44(+02:37)

.: Results
.: Map women
.: Map men
.: More information and pics from the Belgian participators, written in French


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