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zondag, juli 22, 2007

Gueorgiou likes to fight

In the new world cup program, the races are included in already existing events. In this case (round 3, 4 and 5), the worlds elites will run together with the big mass of the oringen, that starts tomorrow.

Thierry Gueorgiou doesn't mind. "It's nice to run with the big crowd. I like to fight to reach the controls first" he was joking. It's his first time to run oringen in this area. Actually he participated in this event only once; a long time ago when he was only 10 years old.

Even now he is not sure about his start, because he is suffering a little injury. He will decide tomorrow morning. His priority and main goal this year will be the world championships in the Ukraine. Next week he planned an important trainingscamp, something he can't skip.

Simone Niggli is much more positive about this world cup. She really can't wait running it. This year she's even better than before. "I've become more stabile in orienteering this year. It's something i worked on. That's challenging with orienteering, there is always something to improve." Niggli also likes the tough program with an ultra long distance. "It's interesting that also the girls can run longer than one houre!" We are looking forward to follow them tomorrow.