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zondag, juli 01, 2007

Finnish Relay

Last Friday, the hamok–youth organised the yearly Finnish relay.
This competition is known as the last one before the summervacation starts. And during this vacation most Belgian runners go to foreign countries to run a more-day event.

Competing a Finnish relay means you have to start as a couple (just two runners, doesn’t matter which category) and divide all the controls on the map (in a smart way). So you choose the length of your race and the one of your partner. These are the main principles of this sort of relays.

The podium of the Finnish relay:
1. Miek Fabré – Guido Verdeyen (43’54”)
2. Deferme Gunther - Deferme George (49'20")
3. Heuninckx Luc - Heuninckx Dries (53'21")

This year I noticed a lot of Flemish elite runners at the start with their girlfriends! Maybe we have to make an exclusive category for them next year! What’s more romantic than a sweaty, exhausting competition where the male part of the team is most of the time very competitive … No no, I thought they were very cute and it’s a good way to attract people to orienteering competitions!

The ‘love’-podium:
1. Yves Briers – Nele Hamels (0:53:48)
2. Simkens Geert – Tielemans Angela (1:00:59)
3. Hendrickx Pieter – Steegen Kim (1:06:42)

Yves Briers and Nele Hamels, will marry soon. Congratulations!

Afterwards there was, like always, a bbq… The weather wasn’t everything but I think everybody enjoyed his/her meal. The lights didn’t work that well, but I thought it had a cosy effect!

I think the hamok-youth can’t complain about their relay, 73 teams appeared at the start and the BBQ was sold out!

Well done hamok!

The future of hamok…


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