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vrijdag, juni 22, 2007

No surprises in Worldcup

Different terrain but same winners in the World Cup in Norway today. In the womens class, it was once again 'Simone Niggli-Show'. Straight from the start she took the lead. And with amazing speed she overclassed her opponents. After 1/3th of the race she already caught up Heli Jukola with two minutes. Jukola was able to run at the same speed, wich resulted in a second place. Third spot was for the Russian Julia Novikova closely followed by Emma Engstrand.

Thierry Gueorgiou at World Cup 2006 -

The mens class was a different story. The whole race was a close fight between Novikov and Gueorgiou. On the second radio control, Novikov had a 30 seconds lead on Gueorgiou. But in the end it was once again Gueorgiou who won. Mats Haldin proved one more time his very good shape this season with a second place. Vice worldchampion Marc Lauenstein, became third.

The Belgian proud Fabien Pasquasy did not make his best race, but still finished on a respectable 41st place. With John Are Myhren on the 42th place, Belgium was again best in the Benelux. The other Belgians run a close race in the B-final. In the slipstream of Torben Wendler, Van gasse was the fastest of them with a 8th place. Joost Talloen was 9th and Christophe Bernard 13th, all finishing in nearly the same minute.

Men, A-final
1Guerorgiou, ThierryFRA37:55(20:35:55)
2Haldin, MatsFIN39:10(20:35:10)
3Lauenstein, MarcSUI39:16(19:27:16)
4Föhr, TeroFIN39:19(20:29:19)
5Gonon, FrancoisFRA39:38(20:33:38)
6Renard, DamienFRA39:42(20:23:42)

Women, A-final
1Niggli, SimoneSUI34:07(20:13:07)
2Jukkola, HeliFIN36:07(20:13:07)
3Novikova, YuliaRUS37:18(20:12:18)
4Engstrand, EmmaSWE37:31(20:04:31)
5Brozkova, DanaCZE38:10(20:07:10)
6Riabkina, TatyanaRUS38:22(20:11:22)

Map at Worldofo


  • At 22/6/07 22:53, Blogger Desse said…

    Tommorow Norsk o-festival (long distance):
    H21E1 startlist:
    9 Bernard,Christophe Asub Orientation 11:18:00 68621

    14 Talloen,Joost Omega 11:28:00 64928

    31 Van Gasse,Etienne Asub Orientation 12:02:00 78232

    56 Pasquasy,Fabien Södertälje Nykvarn Orientering 12:52:00 472167

    On sunday relay:
    81 Belgium Team Lag 1 11:00:00

  • At 22/6/07 23:19, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    quote "Belgium was again best in the Benelux"

    When was the other time Belgium was the best?

  • At 22/6/07 23:49, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    most of the time before the Dutch imported a half-norwegian guy... as if mark heikoop ever beat us!

  • At 23/6/07 10:25, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    Today the map of catching features? I played a lot on that Hovden map , It is typical compasorienteering in CF.

  • At 23/6/07 14:35, Blogger Desse said…

    Resultatliste H21E1 Løypelengde: 14,43 KM Antall poster: 34
    Voorlopige tijden:
    Pasquasy,Fabien 1:27:32 + 10:32
    Van Gasse,Etienne 1:35:33 + 18:33
    Talloen,Joost 1:40:04 + 23:04
    Bernard,Christophe 1:42:42 + 25:42


  • At 24/6/07 18:13, Blogger Desse said…

    Sterke prestatie van de Belgische ploeg de aflossing van het O-festival te Noorwegen.
    17 Belgium Team lag 1 (81) 2:38:38
    Fabien Pasquasy 38:55 5 38:55 5
    Etienne Van Gasse 39:21 9 1:18:16 5
    Joost Talloen 41:33 33 1:59:49 10
    Christophe Bernard 38:49 26 2:38:38 17

    Fabien startte dus weer zeer sterk, en kwam als 5e binnen. Etienne wist deze plaats te behouden. Joost zakte naar de 10e stek en Christophe finishte uiteindelijk als 17e ploeg. Er verschenen 76 ploegen aan de start. De winnend ploeg KOK was 17' sneller als onze Belgische helden!


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