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zondag, juni 24, 2007

Norwegian O-festival

Long distance WRE:
Yesterday (saturday 24/06) a World ranking event took place during the Norsk O-festival.
It was a technical race with nice orienteering between the bogs, different stones and vegetationplaces, also the snow was still present in the forest.
In the H21E1 class the vicroty went to Thiery Gueorgiou. He was 2'27 faster then Valentin Novikov and more than 4' advantage on Francois Gonon. Homerunner Holger Hott became 4th.
In the D21E1 class the winner was Simone Niggli. Lena Eliasson became 2nd and Tatiana Ryabkina made the podium complete.

Fabien Pasquasy did a good race, he became 31th. On the long leg (6-7) he lost 7' because of a mistake. Conclusion: top10 had been possible, and he proved that his physical shape is very good. Etienne VanGasse (also in a physical good shape) became 58th because of too many mistakes. Christophe Bernard and Joost Talloen were happy about their technical orienteering part, but they don't have the same physical capacity as the best runners (at the moment).

On the map you can see the route choices from Christophe Bernard (H21E1).

In the second elite class, we still had an other Belgian participator: Jean-Baptiste Colomb. He was 30' slower than winner Thomas Hodel and became 52th.

Relay on sunday:
In the men class Kristiansand OK (Andersen, Duncan, Rostrup, Hott) took the victory. The 2nd place went to Baekkelagets and Halden SK became 3th.
The Belgian team run surprising good. They became 17th, 17' slower than KOk and lost only 5' on the French team. Fabien Pasquasy, once again, did a good first-leg-run and finsihed in 5th spot. The 2nd runner was Etienne Van gasse, he stood firm and changed over in 5th position. Joost Talloen, our 3th runner, lost a few places and handed over in 10th position. Chrisophe Bernard wasn't too stressed and finsihed finally as 17th! A nice result!
In the womenclass Nydalens SK (Ingvild Gjessing, Aasne Fenne Hoksrud, Elisabeth Ingvaldsen and Marianne Andersen) was the best, with a 7' lead on Fredrikstad and Baekkelaget.

Source: FRSO