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maandag, juni 18, 2007

WRE Bottrop

In Germany, this weekend 2 Worldranking events took place. The first one was a sprint distance (Bottrop) with qualification and final. The second day was a long distance event (Köllnischer Wald) with masstart.

This was the invitation: DJK Adler 07 Bottrop, organiser of 2005 World Games and 2006 Interland, are pleased to welcome you to celebrate the one-hundred-year anniversary of our club with two World Ranking Events.
Also some Belgian, Dutch (the Netherlands) and Austrian runners were present.

H19 / HS Finale A (52) 3.1 km 20 P
1. Hofmeister, Patrick 14:36 GER
2. Kaltenbacher, Pierre 15:01 AUT
3. Krüger, Robert 15:08 GER
17. Mazy, Alain 16:44 BEL
Theis, Robert DSQ

D19 / DS Finale A (29) 2.8 km 19 P
1. Hermans, Aline 16:51 BEL
2. Oeyen, Greet 17:12 BEL
3. van de Riet, Dunja 19:13 NED
20. Bolsens, Vanessa 26:21 BEL

Long Distance:
HE (21) 16.1 km 60 Hm 35 P
1. Hofmeister, Christoph 1:33:39 GER
2. Kaltenbacher, Pierre 1:33:41 AUT
3. Köhler, Jens 1:33:50 GER
12. Mazy, Alain 1:43:20 BEL

DE (15) 12.4 km 50 Hm 30 P
1. Winkler, Marie 1:33:02 GER
2. Müller, Insa 1:33:28 GER
3. Oeyen, Greet 1:35:39 BEL
Aline Hermans DSQ
Vanessa Bolsens DSQ

Also H/D20 was WRE.

An other favourit in the women-class was the German junior runner Esther Doetsch. She told on her website that she was very motivated to run the Sprint champ in Bottrop. She started very fast, but her race also finished very fast. When she was running for 40'', she wanted to pass a biker. But the biker changed her direction. Esther Doetsch fell down on the ground and stayed there for 3min to recover. Finally she still finished her qualification run. But her foot was too painfull to start in the final and in the long distance race on sunday. But participating at jwoc will be no problem. (source)

On the first picture we see the young (nearly 18years old) German runner Marie Winkler, who won the longdistance competition.

On the second picture: Stephanie Killmann from Austria. She is also selected for jwoc in australia.

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