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vrijdag, juni 29, 2007

GIGATHLON: Die "Vliegens" zu Gast bei den Schweizern!!

If you think of doing something crazy you can think of running a marathon. If you think of doing something more crazy... try a triathlon. If you want everybody to think you are crazy... do a Gigathlon.

This years edition "Energize your life" takes you through Switzerland in 7 days, but not by car.

time: 7 days
distance: 1432km
climb: 26.7 km
disciplines: swimming, cycling, mountainbiking, running, inline skating
Place: Switzerland
Only the +-3 km swimming each day is without any climb. This is not an event for any sportsminded person. You have to be in very good shape and be a little bit crazy.
Do you remember the very hard training weeks of150-160 km running?
* Add the same amount of inline skating
* Add 100km of cycling each day
* Add 50km of mountainbiking each day (don't forget to climb 4000m each day)
* Add 3km of Swimming each day, than you have your Gigathlon.

Two Belgian orienteers participate in this crazy adventure. Tina Gartz-Vliegen and Erik Vliegen. They were both winner of the Belgian Championship Mountainbike Orienteering. Eric was a good orienteer as a junior but Orienteering probably wasn't challanging enough for them...

Some more information about Tina and Erik.


  • At 29/6/07 16:12, Anonymous pasquasy said…

    My friend is crazy...

    All greetings and support to them...

    Viva Vliegen Family

    Note : Erik was a very good orienteer. We lived together during our studies in Liège to train together. He's so strong in long distance ...

  • At 29/6/07 20:49, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Mooi artikel . Thanks Dirk

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