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donderdag, mei 31, 2007

Belgian O-news

National Military Championship:
Yesterday and today the Belgian military national championship took place in Marche en Famenne. In the men elite class everyone expected a close fight between Bart Delobel and Geert Simkens. Bart is still a member of the national team, but he isn't in his best shape ever. This is caused because of his tough military and physical education. Geert Simkens is no member of the national team anymore, but last weeks his shape was improving (prove: his victory in the Brabant 2-days in Holland).
Finally the fight wasn't as close as expected. Geert Simkens won both days rather easily, in total 10 minutes faster than Bart Delobel. Gunther Deferme made the podium complete.

1. SIMKENS Geert BEL 2:10:35 1:03:04 (1) 1:07:31 (1)
2. DELOBEL Bart BEL 2:20:43 1:06:21 (2) 1:14:22 (2)
3. DEFERME Gunther BEL 2:25:04 1:07:03 (3) 1:18:01 (3)
4. LANGER Thorsten BEL 2:32:59 1:10:47 (4) 1:22:12 (4)
5. GOOSSENS Paul BEL 2:38:24 1:12:13 (5) 1:26:11 (10)

All results: here
Their next goal will probably be the CISM (World Military Orienteering Championships) 04-07 september in Zagreb (Croatia).

3th National Event:
Next sunday (03/06) the 3th national event takes place in Borlon. This event can be called the last important competition of the pre-season. In the men elite class some good runners will be absent during this event. So we can expect a fight between Jan Gilot, Pieter Hendrickx, Nicolas Silien, Geert Simkens and Christophe Bernard. Maybe one of the outsiders can surprise us?
In the women elite class, the top5 in the Belranking will be present. Nearly all participators in this class have a chance to win.

Startlist: here

Oringen 5-days:
Over 10000 registered orienteers already! Oringen 2007 will take place in Östergötland 22-27 juli. Today one of the deadlines passed, so we can take a look at the Belgian orienteers, an overview:
ARDOC (Maria, Julia, Freddy and Elisabeth Henkes D18 Elit!!!, Ilana Dannemark and Anne Werding)
FRSO (Gilles and Quentin De Neyer, Johan Goubeau, Katharina Henkes, Corentin Lemasson, Nicolas Spielers, Christian Stoffels, Corentin and Francois Tonneau and Felix Vandermeulebroek)
KOL Flanders (Alfons Bakelants and Vital Peeters)
OMEGA (Rudi Aerts, Arno Keupens, Maria Moens, Hans en Luc Talloen, Frans Van de moortel and Maaike Van den Branden)
SLOK (Jelle Bakelants, Alex De Roeck, Desmond en Winston Franssen, Elien Melis, Thomas Van der Kleij en Yves Van Laer)
TROL (Christine Dhondt, Dennis Dirckx en Dirk Genar)
VVO (Adriaan Pelckmans, Bart Van de moortel, Miek Fabré, Wouter Foppen, Jeremy Genar, Wouter Leeuws, Saatje Sallaerts, Sanne Verschuren, Sien en Jochen Verdeyen en Yannick Michiels)

21KM Göteborgsvavet:
12 may 2007 the Göteborg 21km streetrace took place. The best belgian cross-country runner (Rik Ceulemans) participated in this competition too. Now we are able to compare the best Belgian runner with the best finnish orienteer (Mats Haldin) in a streetrace. Here the results:
1. Kimeli Teimet Sylvester Kenya 1.04.03
9. Ceulemans Rik Belgium 1.07.16
14. Haldin Mats Halden 1.08.23
Total results: here

The new senior statutes are visible on the teamscommissions website:
- Bruyninckx Katrien: C
- Herremans Sofie : C
- Oeyen Greet : A
- Delobel Bart: B
- Gilot Jan: A
- Hendrickx Pieter: B
- Hendrickx Wannes: B
- Talloen Joost: B
- van der Kleij Dries: B
- van der Kleij Thomas: B

24h-OL Karolinenfield:
2 weeks ago the Belgium club TROL participated in a special orienteering competition. It was a relay with 6 persons (min. 2 women) during a whole day (24 houres). The trolteam was called 'Trolls and Elfs', and the members were Marc Schnell, Ken Peeters, Wim Vervoort, Frans Laenen, Vanessa Bolsens and Greet Oeyen. The result: 29 23:56:31 78 Trolls and Elfs 161700. So Trol finished in 29th position (82 participating teams) and run in total 161km and 700meters during 24houres. This is an average speed of 8'50min/km. Only the winning team crossed the border of 200km: 202km in total.
All results: here
Trol pictures: here


  • At 1/6/07 10:16, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Mats Haldin is Fin

  • At 1/6/07 10:30, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Just a small remark, Mats Haldin is Finnish and a member of the Finnish national team... :-)
    Katri Haataja

  • At 1/6/07 10:38, Blogger Desse said…

    Indeed, Mats Haldin is born in finland (17/05/1975), his first team was IF Femman. He studied for engineer.
    Now he's living in Norway, Halden and is running for Halden SK.

    But it was late in the evening/night when I wrote the article.

  • At 2/6/07 10:08, Blogger Heun said…

    Door m'n opleiding kon ik helaas niet meedoen, maar volgend jaar hoop ik in een redelijke conditie eens deel te nemen aan de militaire OL-Finale.


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