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maandag, maart 26, 2007


Training in Glencree: Today I arrived in Dublin-Ireland. I hired a car, had a look at the maps in the shop and drove straight to a big "national park" near Dublin. Only 30 minutes drive and I was really in the middle of nowhere. This place was just amazing. The weather was perfect to go for a run. So I did. Maybe I broke some rules but I didn't see a living soul.

I planned to run up a hill again, it was very easy to aim for the top. It wasn't that steep but it was so much fun. I was at a height of 750m, about the highest point of the region I guess. My legs felt a bit tired of yesterday but running in this area was a great experience. It took me about 60 minutes.

There wasn't a single tree in the area, only grass and water/mud. very nice to run in. On the radio I heard they don't only speak english here but also a strange language that sounded a bit like swedish.
On the top you have a great view over the valley, unfortunately my camera is't that good for landscape pictures.