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dinsdag, maart 20, 2007

Orienteering in CHILI


Santiago is the fifth largest city in South America and is located at 543m above sea level. It has a mediterranean climate with 4 seasons. At this time it's the end of the summer and the temperature is 29°C / 84F°. Rather "calor" for the time of the year. The city was founded in 1541 and was baptized Santiago de Nueva Extremadura. It was Pedro de Valdivia who opted for this place for its climate and its geographical facilities to defend it. The Mapocho river and the mountains which surround the city.

Today more than 6 million Chileans live in this capital, which means 40% of the country's population. Beach and mountains are not far away. An excellent place to live in my opinion. Although the city is growing year by year, at this moment it is still of a "maneuverable" size and a walkable city.

A google search didn't give much info about orienteering in Santiago - Chili. So I just went for a city-map walk. A very nice city with lots of interesting places to visit.

After the walk, when the sun wasn't burning that much anymore I decided to run up "Cerro san Cristobal". This is the center for Santiago's open-air sports. Wikipedia tells me that it has a height of 880 meters. which means I did a 340m climb.
On top of this hill you have a nice view over the city. At the peak, there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After that I ran up Cerro Santa Lucia, which has a height of about 70m and I finished my training along the river running back to the hotel and running up 15 floors to level 16 because here the ground floor is level 1.


  • At 21/3/07 22:47, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I am sure that there are orienteering activities in Santiago. The "chief" of chilenean orienteering is Dietrich Kühnemuth, a german orienteerer who lives in Chile (Temuco) for several years now. He shold be able to give you o-informations for all over the country. His contact is

    The Chilean Orienteering Federation

    Cabañas el Gringo

    Casilla 57

    Vilcún - Temuco


    Tel. +56 4556 2121

    Fax +56 4556 2121


    Good luck!

    Marc Schnell (TROL)


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