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zondag, maart 18, 2007

WRE Interland

Five regional federations from England, Belgium, The Netherland and Germany competed each other in the Interland today. This annual event took place in the small village of Libin in the southern part of Belgium.

The mens elite class was easily won by the good-mooded Belgian Fabien Pasquasy with a time of 65 minutes. Half the race he took in the Englishman Archer Duncan, who ended in second spot. Pasquasy ran away from him one more minute and won by 3,5 minutes. Etienne Van Gasse, who showed great shape in Belgian crosscountry champs last week, became third another 4 minutes behind. Without a big mistake near the end of the race, he would be in the battle for the first place. The Swede from Södertälje, Pål Skogtjärn, lost precious time at several controls. He had problems navigating in the quickly changing and confusing vegetation. He became 4th with a time of 74 minutes. In 5th and 6th spot we find Thomas van der Kleij and Joost Talloen with 75 minutes. Seperated by twenty seconds they took the gold and silver in the Belgian student champs. Jeroen Hoekx, who was running very strong during the winter, became third in this championship with a time of 78 minutes.

Men Elite, 11.6 km, 480 m
1. PASQUASY Fabien, BEL, 1:05:35
2. ARCHER Duncan, GBR, 1:09:04
3. VAN GASSE Etienne, BEL, 1:13:28
4. SKOGTJÄRN Pål, SWE, 1:14:57
5. VAN DER KLEIJ Thomas, BEL, 1:15:15
6. TALLOEN Joost, BEL, 1:15:36

Fabien Pasquasy and Archer Duncan

The Women race was won by the Belgian Veerle Tulleneers. Miek Fabré, only a junior, was in second place 2 minutes slower. She was closly followed by Rebecca Robberts from England. The number one ranked belgian Greet Oeyen could only set the 4th best time in this course. Two other English juniors, Victoria Stevens and Jo Halliday, became 5th and 6th.
The Belgian Student Championship was won by Miek Fabré. Her team-mates from Leuven University, Tiny Dams and Elien Melis were second and third.

Women Elite, 8.0 km, 305 m
1. TULLENEERS Veerle, D21E, BEL, 1:01:55
1. FABRÉ Miek, D-20, BEL, 1:03:32
2. ROBERTS Rebecca, D-20, GBR, 1:03:53
2. OEYEN Greet, D21E, BEL, 1:06:43
3. STEVENS Victoria, D-20, GBR, 1:09:40
4. HALLIDAY Jo, D-20, GBR, 1:09:51

Belgian Student Championship - Women

As the last few years the competition between the federations was won by England. VVO-(Belgium) was second, close followed by FRSO(Belgium). The NOLB(Netherlands) was 4the and WTB(Germany) 5th.

Match Interland
1. ENG, 197
2. VVO, 153
3. FRSO, 152
4. NOLB, 66
5. WTB, 57

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.: Some Photos
.: Map H21E


  • At 18/3/07 21:44, Blogger Winnie said…

    Van wie zijn de ingetekende wegkeuzes?

  • At 18/3/07 21:50, Anonymous mash said…

    ik gok van hoekie

  • At 19/3/07 13:16, Blogger JeroenH said…

    jep, ik had de kaart al ingetekend voordat Thomas vroeg om ze door te sturen...

  • At 19/3/07 16:04, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    VVO had beter het student-team ingezet voor de Heren seniors ;-)

  • At 19/3/07 19:52, Blogger JeroenH said…

    Ik zag net op de uitslagsite dat de H-20 en D-20 ook voor de WRE moeten meetellen. Ik begreep al niet waarom ze niet mee zouden kunnen tellen...

  • At 20/3/07 15:20, Blogger Winnie said…

    Ik vermoed dat de uitslag van de WRE wel klopt (op basis van splitbrowser) maar sommige dingen vind ik opmerkelijk:
    zo is hoekies tijd in de results van de WRE niet gelijk aan zijn tijd op de regionale (zie frso results)
    en staat Quentin de neyer in de resultaten vd regionale bij H21 geklasseerd terwlijk hij H21E parcours liep

    nog eens, de resultaten vd WRE kloppen wel maar toch gek

  • At 20/3/07 15:50, Blogger Desse said…

    Winnie, dat kwam omdat wij tijdens de interland startten, en toen moest je nog op voorhand je emit clearen en niet wanneer je startte.
    Ik had bv direct gecleard toen ik binnenkwam, dus heb ook een wat langere tijd bij de regionale.
    Want toen de regionale van start ging hebben ze die clearposten toch bij de kaarten geplaats. En bij ons hebben ze die tijd er niet meer afgehaald. Maar de tijden van de WRE zijn dus de juiste..


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